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I lead interactive workshops that explore practical ways of living a free spirited life. As a certified life coach I co-create a life of purpose, self-awareness, and fulfillment with my clients. I serve others by creating a space where individuals can simply breathe and practice letting go of things that no longer serve them in their everyday. By doing this does strength and personal empowerment thrive.


More than a certified life coach, I am redefining my life and how I want to live it everyday. I offer those interested in living a self created life, practical ways to play, explore, and create that vision.


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It is what it is. But what if it wasn’t?

April 7, 2019

I love shifting perspectives. It opens up so many new worlds of thought and inevitably creates energetic movement leading to possibilities and opportunities freeing us from stagnation and complacency that often creeps up on us. How do we begin to shift? What takes us out of one mindset and into another? Step out of what has been, and into what could be. Experience your energy shift in this interactive workshop and begin creating the changes you want to make.

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Redefining Confidence

May 5, 2019

What does it mean to be confident? Have you ever thought about defining this for yourself? What would you say it means and how could you recreate your life from this dynamically defined place? In this interactive workshop I will discuss how I created my own rules, learned to trust myself, and how to live each day from a place of passion and authenticity where confidence is nurtured and embracing fear lights the way for transformation.


Past Event

March 2, 2019

How would you describe your best relationships? What would your best relationships look like? How can you make room in your life for deeper more meaningful connections? How would your own strength and growth benefit from relationships you’ve consciously created? Join me as we explore simple and easy ways to immediately experience more fulfilling relationships in your day to day. Learn tools I’ve created which you can apply to any relationship at anytime, starting with yourself. Learn to leverage your needs and values to thrive in relationships that are powerful, supportive, and, and most beautifully, honest.


Past Event

December 8, 2018

Life is beautiful - both the light and the dark. And either way, it's yours. It's yours to live how you want. How do we do that? How do we create the life we want? How do we create the relationships we want? Where do we even begin? We start by simply allowing the space to explore what's most important to us. This workshop can be your first step into a deeper sense of self, where the answers to these questions will begin to reveal themselves from within, allowing for long lasting change.


Don Miguel Ruiz

Whoever controls the belief, controls the dream.